Phase: Pre-Production

Genre: Drama – Crime

Project Type: Feature Film

TRT: 115 minutes

Reticent Bahram runs into Stella, his first love, after 25 years apart. During the fateful reunion, Bahram is violently confronted by her human trafficker husband, revealing the painful truth of a tragic lie, and the revelation leaves him changed forever.



Distributing peace as loud as pessimism 

According to the relationship between US and Iran right now, I believe it’s a very special opportunity to make a movie that includes Persian and American element and both cultures friendly together. This period has the potential of distributing peace as loud as pessimism. Because the relationship between Iran and US in last 30 years has not allowed either side to even think about each other; therefore, I believe there are enough fresh and unique appealing materials untouched to reveal and show to a large scale of audience. 



Iran, America, Cinema

Iranian Cinema is a rich cinema that has been in existence since the 1930s.  Since that time the historical and cultural roots of Iranian Cinema have evolved into a compelling art form. Iranian Cinema from the beginning was a cinema that conveyed many layers of humanity, family, relationships, community, and dignity. The first film school opened in 1925, and from that point, Iranian national cinema expanded.

Since that time, cinema has been as much a national pastime as a cultural ambassador of Iran; the heart and soul of a country bursting with culture, drama, and stories. In its modern day form, Iranian national cinema is a colorful, poetic, captivating, spiritual and poignant cinema. It remains a true testament to the resilience and soul of Iranians, their history and culture painted by the poetry and stories of its people. 

Part of the filmmaker’s vision is to create a film that appeals to audiences in two very unique countries yet that speaks to the solid tradition of excellent filmmaking in Iran. The director/producer, Payam Jafari is an award-winning director who has been recognized for his work on his film Unknown, which was produced in Iran in 2011.



San Francisco, CA

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